Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Health note: Australian fish オーストラリアの魚

My sister warned me about eating Australian fish, especially tuna. Since I like tuna very much, I'm not too happy to hear this.

There was a news story about a pregnant Australian woman who wanted a healthy baby, and ate a lot of Australian tuna. When her blood sample was taken, there was an abnormally high level of heavy metals. (I did not read the news myself, therefore I am relying on what my sister said). Here is a health message from the United Nations.

There is a reason behind this. Australia is a continent rich in minerals. Minerals containing heavy metals are weathered into the ocean around the continent, and is accumulated up the food chain, from the little fishes up to the bigger fishes. Since tuna is a rather big fish, it ends up with all the heavy metal.

Japanese readers should be interested in this, because some Australian tuna end up in Japanese supermarkets. People who like whale meat should be even more careful.

For Australian fisherman's sake, I hope you'd still continue eating Australian fishes. But for your own health, you should eat fish from other countries as well.


健康な赤ん坊を望み、多くのオーストラリアのマグロを食べたオーストラリア人の妊婦に関するニュース記事によると、彼女の血液には異常に高いレベルの重金属が含まれていたそうです。(私は自分でニュースを読んでいません。これは私の姉妹から聞いた話です。) ここに UN Atlas of the Oceans のトピックがあります。


オーストラリアのマグロは日本のスーパーでも売られているので、日本人の皆さんはこの事実に興味を持つべきです。 鯨肉が好きであるなら、さらに慎重であるべきです。